Art Therapy Activities and Ideas for Kids with Special Needs

Art therapy activities play a critical role in the development of kids with special needs. So here are the top 6 exercises recommended by the experts. 

Undoubtedly, art plays a big and beneficial part in shaping the life of a kid with special needs. And several recognised art therapy activities can help these kids grow, learn, and have fun. 

If you have a special child at home, or you deal with such kids in the school, here are eight activities you can involve them in.

These activities have therapeutic benefits, while the kids will love them for sure.

  1. Building Blocks or Tools

Building blocks and tools are hugely beneficial for kids with learning disabilities and ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Building different structures will encourage the kid’s creativity while helping him improve his problem-solving skills.

Moreover, more than one kid can play with these tools, so they get a sense of working in groups, which is essential for their development.

     2. Time Tools Like a Clock Help Them Understand the Value of Time 

There are several time tools and games available out there that can help special children learn the value of time and how quickly it passes over.

Several experts say that a 5 minutes sand timer helps kids track time when doing other activities. Furthermore, teachers can also use the time tools to improve the kid’s concentration while easing stressful transitions.

    3. Watercolour Painting 

There are no kids that don’t like watercolour painting. Children with special needs will love this activity, which can have a therapeutic effect on their minds. Kids can also draw things they want to communicate with their parents, friends, and teachers. 

Be around when you introduce watercolours to kids, or they are using them. Also, it would be great to go for non-toxic colours that are gentle to the skin.

  4. Dancing 

Music is bliss for all types of children, and dancing helps them express themselves, while it acts as an exercise for the body. In addition, dance and music therapy for kids with special needs, including physical disability, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy, boosts feel-good hormones in their brains. At the same time, they can relax and enjoy being happy.

  5. Water Games or Playing in the Pool 

Playing with water is proven to help autistic children improve their social, coordination, and motor skills. Also, it soothes the kid’s nerves, and they can relax on a sunny day. 

The kids should always be under the supervision of parents or teachers when playing in or with water.  

  6. Puppet Games 

Creativity has no boundaries, and the kids with special needs can show their creativity using puppets. Furthermore, playing with puppets can increase their emotional, social skills while improving their imagination power.

The best part about playing with puppets is that they cannot injure the kid in any way, so parents can also focus on their work while their little one is enjoying it.

Final Words 

These six art therapies and ideas can help kids with special needs grow and learn. The best toy or tool every parent should own is a 5-minute sand timer, as it is helpful for kids that do not know how to operate a watch. 

Try to do everything that makes your kid happy and formulate the right exercise plan to develop his/her motor skills.

Tips in framing your wedding memorabilia


After how many months or even years of planning your ideal wedding, once the cake has been sliced, and the bouquet has been tossed, your wedding is suddenly behind you. You will then be left with beautiful memories along with photographs and other wedding memorabilia that will help you cherish one of the best moments of your life.

As the excitement goes off, you are probably thinking, what’s the best way to hold on to these special items so you can relive the celebration over and over again? Of course, you don’t want them to get damaged easily or be thrown at the trash. They don’t deserve to be put in a box and left in the storage room, either. The best solution? Frame them! This way, you’ll be able to protect them, and you’ll get to enjoy seeing them regularly when you make them part of your home decoration.

Here are some wedding items that are worth framing.


Your wedding invitation is probably the most meaningful item from your big day. It contains all the important details about your wedding, the date, the venue and the ceremony time. It’s also a snapshot of how beautifully designed your wedding is. It showcases your theme, your color motif, your style, and even your personal touches. There are lots of works that were done to design and produce your wedding invitation, especially if you have it custom-made. Those wedding invites may have been created using new technology from sydney laser cutting. Your wedding invitation is a piece of artwork that is worthy of being framed and be displayed in your home.

Love notes and your wedding vows

If you and your spouse gave a love note the evening before your wedding day, then you can turn these sweet notes into decorative items by framing them.

Also, your vows are definitely worth to be put in a frame. Whether you made your own wedding vows or followed a traditional one, your vows symbolize the shift of your life into marriage, which can be considered a memorable part of your wedding day. You can have them printed in a beautiful paper or stick with the original one, even if it was written on a piece of tissue. Put them on a frame and display them in your bedroom and let it be a sweet reminder of how you promised to treasure each other. Reading these notes will also remind you how in love both of you are with each other. Plus, you can read them again if you plan to renew your vows in the future.


Get creative when it comes to framing your wedding details. The sky is the limit. Framing wedding items doesn’t limit to only paper and other flat items. There are so many frames available that are capable of preserving your valued wedding accessories such as your veil, wedding garter, bow tie, jewelry, etc. You can even frame the handkerchief you and your spouse used on your wedding day. You can add write notes on it or add a character and display it on your wall that will make a unique decoration.

Wedding bouquet

Do you feel sentimental and not ready to say goodbye to those beautiful set of flowers you were holding during almost the entire wedding day? Are you head over heels in love with your wedding flowers?  Well, it’s possible to have them framed. You can rearrange the flowers inside the frame and keep it as wedding memorabilia. Note that you have to dry the flowers first and preserve them by applying special solutions. But whatever style you like, whether you want the entire bouquets to be framed or only use a few petals, you can always keep your favorite wedding flowers by having them framed according to your choice of style.

Favorite wedding photo

Without a doubt, a wedding photo is an absolute must –frame item. It’s important that you hire a very good wedding photographer so you can have a lot of wonderful shots. Then pick your favorite picture or choose as many as you want, then have them framed and hang those memories in a special area in your home.

The Art Of Framing Art

  The world of mouldings does not have to be either ugly, nor boring, nor tacky, nor bulky, nor expensive depending on the needs.

We talk a lot about buying art but, and then, what to do with it? We go down the street, we see establishments of frames and frames without a soul, we are not awakened by interest to enter any, and laziness makes us have the work without framing at home months and months. But the world of mouldings does not have to be either ugly, nor boring, nor tacky, nor bulky, nor expensive depending on the needs. Some professionals that work on picture framing Sydney are dedicated meet the conservation requirements that it presents depending on its nature. Because, let’s not forget, in addition to decorating the frame of a job helps to keep it in optimal conditions.

This is the case of Heir of Crispin, a study of framing and restoration of works of art located in Madrid directed by Juan Carlos Fernandez. One of those places where they help and advise you. “After several years in this world, I needed to give free rein to my interests and curiosities in the world of the frame, especially in the development and recovery of ancient techniques. It’s always good to look back; there’s a lot to revisit and reinterpret. ” Thus, Crispin’s Heir has recovered the technique of framing with paper, emerged in the nineteenth century associated with the world of photography, and later in Spain was used much at the beginning of the twentieth century and in the postwar period for its economy. According to Fernandez, for the conservation of artistic works on paper, the use of suitable materials is significant: conservation or quality museum passepartouts, acid-free adhesives,…

Art And Picture Framing

The care and concern for the works have made Crispin’s Heir has worked like wildfire with word of mouth. Among its clients, the ARCO fair or the artist Javier Aramburu, who has chosen this establishment as the sole physical selling point of his recent works. Teresa Iturrioz, agent of Javier Aramburu (and muse), tells us how he knew the place “I was looking for frames stores where they also did more custom work. In Heredero de Crispin they restore old frames, they make box-like framing that opens and closes, or they can build a custom-made glass urn to expose something inside if you need it.

As great as quality of picture framing sydney on Australia, His frames in kraft paper are great for drawings, prints, postcards … His shop is almost a museum of curiosities and the work of Javier Aramburu fits perfectly there “. Iturrioz appeals to the importance at conservation level, for example for pencil drawings, which deteriorate if they are not protected, and the importance at the aesthetic level. “Even when you choose not to frame.” He adds that “the framework is so important that it is worth thinking a bit before launching. And it’s a good idea, according to what things, to use museum glass: it protects the work better and has much fewer reflections, so you enjoy it more “.…