Tips in framing your wedding memorabilia


After how many months or even years of planning your ideal wedding, once the cake has been sliced, and the bouquet has been tossed, your wedding is suddenly behind you. You will then be left with beautiful memories along with photographs and other wedding memorabilia that will help you cherish one of the best moments of your life.

As the excitement goes off, you are probably thinking, what’s the best way to hold on to these special items so you can relive the celebration over and over again? Of course, you don’t want them to get damaged easily or be thrown at the trash. They don’t deserve to be put in a box and left in the storage room, either. The best solution? Frame them! This way, you’ll be able to protect them, and you’ll get to enjoy seeing them regularly when you make them part of your home decoration.

Here are some wedding items that are worth framing.


Your wedding invitation is probably the most meaningful item from your big day. It contains all the important details about your wedding, the date, the venue and the ceremony time. It’s also a snapshot of how beautifully designed your wedding is. It showcases your theme, your color motif, your style, and even your personal touches. There are lots of works that were done to design and produce your wedding invitation, especially if you have it custom-made. Those wedding invites may have been created using new technology from sydney laser cutting. Your wedding invitation is a piece of artwork that is worthy of being framed and be displayed in your home.

Love notes and your wedding vows

If you and your spouse gave a love note the evening before your wedding day, then you can turn these sweet notes into decorative items by framing them.

Also, your vows are definitely worth to be put in a frame. Whether you made your own wedding vows or followed a traditional one, your vows symbolize the shift of your life into marriage, which can be considered a memorable part of your wedding day. You can have them printed in a beautiful paper or stick with the original one, even if it was written on a piece of tissue. Put them on a frame and display them in your bedroom and let it be a sweet reminder of how you promised to treasure each other. Reading these notes will also remind you how in love both of you are with each other. Plus, you can read them again if you plan to renew your vows in the future.


Get creative when it comes to framing your wedding details. The sky is the limit. Framing wedding items doesn’t limit to only paper and other flat items. There are so many frames available that are capable of preserving your valued wedding accessories such as your veil, wedding garter, bow tie, jewelry, etc. You can even frame the handkerchief you and your spouse used on your wedding day. You can add write notes on it or add a character and display it on your wall that will make a unique decoration.

Wedding bouquet

Do you feel sentimental and not ready to say goodbye to those beautiful set of flowers you were holding during almost the entire wedding day? Are you head over heels in love with your wedding flowers?  Well, it’s possible to have them framed. You can rearrange the flowers inside the frame and keep it as wedding memorabilia. Note that you have to dry the flowers first and preserve them by applying special solutions. But whatever style you like, whether you want the entire bouquets to be framed or only use a few petals, you can always keep your favorite wedding flowers by having them framed according to your choice of style.

Favorite wedding photo

Without a doubt, a wedding photo is an absolute must –frame item. It’s important that you hire a very good wedding photographer so you can have a lot of wonderful shots. Then pick your favorite picture or choose as many as you want, then have them framed and hang those memories in a special area in your home.

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