Art And Picture Framing

The care and concern for the works have made Crispin’s Heir has worked like wildfire with word of mouth. Among its clients, the ARCO fair or the artist Javier Aramburu, who has chosen this establishment as the sole physical selling point of his recent works. Teresa Iturrioz, agent of Javier Aramburu (and muse), tells us how he knew the place “I was looking for frames stores where they also did more custom work. In Heredero de Crispin they restore old frames, they make box-like framing that opens and closes, or they can build a custom-made glass urn to expose something inside if you need it.

As great as quality of picture framing sydney on Australia, His frames in kraft paper are great for drawings, prints, postcards … His shop is almost a museum of curiosities and the work of Javier Aramburu fits perfectly there “. Iturrioz appeals to the importance at conservation level, for example for pencil drawings, which deteriorate if they are not protected, and the importance at the aesthetic level. “Even when you choose not to frame.” He adds that “the framework is so important that it is worth thinking a bit before launching. And it’s a good idea, according to what things, to use museum glass: it protects the work better and has much fewer reflections, so you enjoy it more “.…

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